Earn a 15% Commission on anything you sell in Store, and earn up to 20% for our Official Membership. A sale of the membership will net you $14 a sale + 20% for as long as they remain a member.

Introducing Our Affiliate Program

If you’ve been looking for a way to make money online but can’t seem to find the right Affiliate Program for your niche site, we’ve got you covered.

You can easily become an affiliate of ours by simply creating a Recommended Services page and then writing about the type of PLR we Provide with your referral link included.

Create Blog Posts

You can choose to create Blog Posts about our PLR on various free blogging websites. You do not have to pay anything to use these blogging platforms. Simply create an account and start blogging for free.

You’ll then Insert your referral link inside your blog posts. If you’re unsure on what to write about, we’ll hook you up with Free PLR that’ll get you started on writing. This is exactly what PLR is. Us transferring the rights of the content we have written to you to some extent.

Get Creatives

You can also use Banners that we’ve created to place across a paid website that you might own. Then attach your affiliate link to the image so that when users of your website click on the image they will be directed to our website your affiliate ID.

BEST Products to Promote

Generate a link to any of our products, categories, or services in seconds and target your prospects effectively for higher conversions.

Official Membership – The Ohana Experience

Choose to promote our Official Membership and get paid with a higher commission rate.

Get 25% of the sale and recurring revenue

Unique Content – SEO Optimized Ghost-Writing

Promote a product that customers will choose to buy often and create a stream of income for yourself.

Earn 15% of the Sale

Value Bundles

Promote a product with a higher sale value to increase the amount you get in commissions.

Earn 15% of the Sale

How and When do you get paid?

You will earn between a 15%-20% commission depending on the product you are promoting. Once you have referred someone, you’ll be able to view that while logged into the affiliate portal.

When signing up you’ll be prompted to add your PayPal email. This is how you will get paid every week.

Every Sunday a payout will be made and you’ll receive the full balance of your affiliate sales.

How to Sign Up?

It’s quite simple to sign up. All you’ll have to do is navigate to our Affiliates Portal. Here you’ll set up a username and password for an Affiliate Account, along with a PayPal email.

If you already have an account you can log in on the Affiliates Portal Sign Up Page aswell.

How to check your earnings?

Once you have an account set-up you can check your earnings in the Affiliate Portal Dashboard.

Strict Rules

If any of the following rules are broken your affiliate account may be terminated.

  • #1 You may not sign up using your or anyone else’s referral link.
  • #2 You may not spam anyone on any platform.
  • #3 You cannot make exaggerated claims or remarks about our product.

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