50 Unrestricted Mind Puzzles PLR Articles


In this PLR Article Pack, You will get 50 Unrestricted Mind Puzzles PLR Articles with Private Label Rights to assist you in dominating the Games, and Puzzles market.

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50 Unrestricted Mind Puzzles PLR Articles

In this PLR Article Pack, You will get 50 Unrestricted Mind Puzzles PLR Articles with Private Label Rights to assist you in dominating the Games, and Puzzles market.

These Information PLR articles are available in a Zip folder containing the Text file format product, and its license.

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50 Unrestricted Mind Puzzles PLR Articles

50 Unrestricted Mind Puzzles PLR Articles - Featured Image

The Titles in This Product are:

  1. Anti Aging in Mind Puzzles
  2. Busting the Brain with Mind Puzzles
  3. Challenging Mind Puzzles
  4. Creating Your Own Mind Puzzles
  5. Crossword Puzzles and Mind Puzzles
  6. Cryptograms in Mind Puzzles
  7. Desk Toys in Mind Puzzles
  8. Discoveries in Mind Puzzles
  9. Enjoying Crossword Mind Puzzles
  10. Exercise the Brain in Mind Puzzles
  11. AND 40+ MORE


Here is a Sample Snippet of what you can expect inside this package

How to Improve Memory with Mind Puzzles

Want to make your memory strong, read on to find out how:
Sometimes many of us are surprised by the ability of others to remember many things. We think of our inability and end up admiring others talents. Improving memory skills is very easy. It requires an investment. Do not worry this does not stress on your financial investments. It requires a little of your time, some practice and above all it requires some patience.

The easiest exercise is called ‘pre-sleep contemplation’. This exercise requires yourself and support of your little memory. When you are lying in bed that is before you fall asleep. Begin slowly recalling the activities you carried out. How you began the day and ended it could also be an area you could explore. You could exclusively try and ponder over the people you met during the day. Try and introspect the reason why you met these people.

Another point that has to be kept in mind is to be alert. Being alert helps one to be actively and consciously involved in the landscape and social environment that we are present in. How can one be alert? It requires ‘observation’. Observe the surrounding that you are involved in. If you are interacting with a person, look around and relate to the objects that are present when you are in communication with the person. This would help you to associate with the objects around. Recalling objects would lead you to try and recall the conversation and the people that you have been in communication with.

Another puzzle we humans face is recalling people’s names. When we hear a name for the first time it is unfamiliar to our minds. The name sounds unique to us and rings in our heads. Unfamiliar names get registered in some form or word in our minds. One of the easy ways to remember new names is to try and associate to a thing familiar to us which rhymes to the name. Let us take an example of a person by the name ‘Michael’. This name rhymes with cycle. When we want to recall the person we try an associate our thoughts with familiar objects of day to day life.

These small ‘games’ of recalling what we have done through out the day, the people we met during the day and their names is more like an exercise to strengthen memory power.
These steps require practice. The results if taken seriously work immediately; they get imprinted in our memories through continuous practice.

Following this on a regular schedule will help solve memory loss and forgetfulness. Being alert will help you to ‘think’ and work in a logical manner. Remember to be confident about yourself; this will help you to approach your problems in a more simplistic manner.

Practice these small steps for a complex free living, appreciate, and celebrate the joy of living life.

To improve your memory, you have many options, yet mind puzzles give you faster results in some instances. To help you gain from mind puzzles and learn how to use the puzzles to improve your memory, we can consider word by association puzzles.

Word: Solving
Association: unravel – resolve – crack – answer – explain – get to the bottom of – decipher – work out – disentangle – elucidate – determine – resolution – settle – decide – tenacity – fright – alarm – worry – dread – calm – self-control

Notice each word in the series. Think of new solution for associating each word so that it relates to solving problems. Practice the steps each day to improve your memory and build your vocabulary. Practice will improve your memory dramatically.

License Details:

[YES] You get all the articles with private label rights
[YES] You can brand the articles with your name
[YES] You can edit the articles
[YES] You can use the articles to create an autoresponder email series
[YES] You can use articles as web content
[YES] You can use articles as content for your ebooks
[YES] You can use articles as content for your reports
[YES] You can use articles as content for your off-line publications
[YES] You can use translate all articles to any language you want
[YES] You can sell the articles
[YES] You can sell them with resale rights
[YES] You can sell them with master resale rights
[YES] You can sell them with private label rights
[YES] You can add them to your membership sites
[YES] You can sell them on auction sites
[YES] You can use them to build your list
[YES] You can give them as a bonus
[YES] You can package them and sell the packages in any way you want
[YES] You can start a membership site and deliver articles to your members
[NO] You cannot give them away for free under any circumstances

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