Computer Video Games MRR Ebook


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Computer Video Games MRR Ebook

Do your kids play video games?

Learn the Pros and Cons of Playing Computer Video Games!

While some people think these video games are harmless, others are very critical of them due to the violent content many of them contain. Do you know what games your children are playing?

If you have kids more than likely you have some video games in the house. In recent years these games have come under criticism because of their violent content.

A typical kid wants the same thing that every other kid has, so of course they want to have computer video games just like their peers do.

As Parents we do want to make our kids happy but we must also exercise responsibility and set limitations as to what our children can or cannot do. Not all video games are violent in nature, so it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t allow your kids to play video games. It just means you need to exercise some good judgment.

video gamesThese video games are not cheap and prices can range from about $30 and go up into the hundreds of dollars each. They also will require certain equipment for them to function properly.

You may find that many people tend to look at video games as a complete waste of time, and nothing more than entertainment, but this is not the case as they can help improve the mind as well. If you take the time to look past all the great graphics, incredible music and involved plots, you will find some great opportunities for education.

Many studies have shown video games can help improve problem solving skills.

If you make yourself familiar with most video games, you’ll see they are designed around the theme of presenting a player with problems and challenges that they have to solve. In order to survive the player must learn not only how to solve their individual problems, they will also have to make decisions that will directly effect or even create future problems presented in the game.

Take a look at some of things they can learn from playing video games

  • Problem solving
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Ability to make quick decisions
  • Develop a good memory
  • Learn that actions have consequences
  • Endurance, dedication and patience
  • Character building
  • Develop a sense of adventure and exploration


So you see video games are not all bad, you just need to use due diligence in deciding what video games you allow your kids to play as well as set limits to how much time they can spend playing video games.

If you’re the parents of teenagers, you already know that they have become good at debating just about any topic we may want to discuss with them. So it’s no surprise that when we question their reasons for playing games for hours on end, that they will usually try to use some “logical sounding” arguments to try and justify their actions.

Get your teenager interested in some physical activities such as bowling, dancing, swimming, frisbee throwing, skating, or tennis.

Many young people today have become couch potatoes due to TV and video games, it’s up to the parents to try and guide them in the proper direction!

As you probably already know, as parents we don’t automatically know how to deal with every situation that arises with our kids, after all they didn’t come with an instruction manual! So there’s no need to feel embarrassed or shame in seeking some good advice from other sources.

Just imagine having the information you need to help guide you in the right direction when dealing with your kids and video games, right at your fingertips! No searching all over the internet or library for information, it’s all right here in this handy little guide. Just take a look at some of what’s covered in this ebook.

  • Why video games are so popular
  • Video game obsessions
  • Warning signs to beware of
  • Equipment needed for gaming
  • Become a pro at video games
  • Video game designs of the future
  • Video games can be educational
  • Gaming in a virtual world

If you’ve been looking for a something that can give you some insight as to how to handle your kids when it comes to video games, you’ll want to keep reading!


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Computer Video Games MRR Ebook

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