Natural Pain Management MRR Ebook


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Natural Pain Management MRR Ebook

An Information packed Master Resale Rights Ebook on Pain Management

Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain?

Do You Feel Like You Might Be Addicted to Pain Killers For Life? Are You Trapped on a Merry-Go-Round of Escalating Pain

Tolerance That Might Eventually Mean That No Pain Killer Treats Your Condition Anymore?

Have you been prescribed pain killers with dangerous side effects?

Are your friends and family complaining that your behavior has changed?

Do you need to get off painkillers simply because they are costing you more and more to acquire each month simply because you need more and more pills to handle your suffering?

Learn How to Manage Your Pain WITHOUT Prescription Drugs!

Stop Being Held Hostage By The Allopathic Community and the Pharmaceutical Companies!

If you need to end your dependency on pills or are simply sick of putting up with pain then you need to read-

Natural Pain Management

Learn all about how to avoid drugs with nasty side effects and prevent or even reverse the physiological factors that lead to chronic pain!


Half of All People Suffer Their First Heart Attack As a Result of Skyrocketing Blood Pressure!
Don’t waste one more minute waiting for this situation to get so bad that you are yet another addicted burden on society collecting disability!

Dear Fellow Pain Sufferer,

Pain is a fact of life that many thousands of people all over the world live with every single day of their lives. This is simply a miserable way to live!

The simple fact is —

You don’t have to accept pain as being an inevitable fact of life!

Of course nobody in this life escapes an episode of pain. If catch your finger in a door it’s going to hurt. If you burn yourself on the stove its going to hurt. If you fall off your bike and bang your knee it is going to hurt!

However all of the above causes temporary pain and no matter how acute it is it is going to eventually go away.

This book is not about managing pain that lasts a few minutes, a few days or even a few weeks as is the case with someone who breaks a bone. It is for people who are putting up with long term pain that is caused by an injury or condition or that is actually caused by nothing.

It is about how to deal with pain that has become like an unwelcome guest that never, ever goes away even if you are taking painkillers!

Did you know that sometimes chronic pain has no cause?

Did you know you don’t have to injure yourself to be put through the throes and rigours of pain. You can suffer to the extent that you become –

mystified (because you can’t get a diagnosed)
confused (because you are wondering what you did to deserve this!)
addicted to painkillers (because a doctor had no other idea about help you with your problem so to make you go away you were given a prescription!)
Pain that seems to have no cause is also known as idiopathic pain – meaning there seems to be no cause! A lot of joint, muscle, nerve, dental and head pain can be the result of this.

Talking about physical pain can be a huge pain in itself because it is simply one of those topics that feeds into itself. Sometimes talking about it makes it worse because you are reminded that you have it in the first place. In fact this eBook I discuss that tendency of people who are in pain and how to get rid of it.

Natural Pain Management has been written as concisely yet thoroughly as possible with the understanding that people who truly are in pain don’t have a lot of time to waste reading! Just getting through the day might be a challenge in itself! I tell you what you need to know to get out of pain as fast as possible with a minimum of wading through pages and pages of New Age jargon about positive thinking, fixing your aura or whatever else you might think this book is about.

Natural Pain Management offers only practical, time and study proven ways to help deal with your condition and find relief! No hoky-poky. Just stuff that makes it go away.

I also teach you to “reframe” in your mind about how you have been feeling about or perceiving your condition.

In fact you might say that although pain is a consequence of an injury or disease it can become a medical condition in itself if it does not go away!

Pain Is Unnecessary
STEP ONE when it comes to dealing with your pain is understanding what pain is exactly both in a physiological and psychological sense. Once you are more familiar with the nature of the beast you are more likely to be able to battle your pain successful.

In Natural Pain Management I introduce you to the basics of the condition including –

The difference between real pain and pain caused by environmental or physiological factors such as having no money or breaking up with a loved one

The medical definition of pain and how it is related to actual or potential tissue damage

Why one person feels extreme pain when another feels just irritating or mild pain after the same type of injury!

What the experts say about the subjective nature of pain that is a fact that is so ignored by doctors!

How doctors typically are trained to assess and diagnose the extremity and severity of your pain

When does pain stop being part of your body’s natural defense system and just a big annoyance

How we can be unconscious or too conscious of painful sensations

How extreme pain might be a throwback to evolution and what we might have experienced during caveman days

What mother’s milk and nursing might have to do with how well you tolerate pain as an adult

How to determine what type of pain you have and whether you even need a pain killer

What types of pain are typically treated by opiate pain killers and what other types are typically treated by over-the-counter versions

The role that endorphins in your brain play in controlling pain

…And all kinds of other important information about pain control that you probably have not heard or read before anywhere, particularly when it comes to the evolution of how human beings began to feel pain in the first place.

You are probably wondering at this point –

“Why should I throw out all my painkillers and just do what is suggested in this eBook? What if you are wrong and I end up suffering more than ever!”


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What Can You Do With This Information MRR Ebook?

  • Learning from Information
  • Use the information you’ve learned to write articles from scratch
  • Use the information to grow your business.
  • Market the Ebook to teach others and keep all profits!



Natural Pain Management MRR Ebook

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