The Newbies Guide To Making Software MRR Ebook


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The Newbies Guide To Making Software MRR Ebook

Finally Revealed: The secret of creating custom software for niche markets that NEED your products (and will pay well to get ’em)!

Give Me a few Minutes And I’ll Teach You How To Start Cranking Out Custom Software That Sells Like Crazy – Without Ever Writing A Single Piece Of Code!

Who Else Wants To Start Generating Wild Profits Creating In-Demand Custom Software?

Thousands now create software (for insane profits) who never thought they could! Click on the button below and I’ll give you a crash course on how you can too start creating custom software and profit wildly doing it. Or just keep reading to learn more!

Would you like to make millions in the software industry?

Or maybe just start another modest income stream? Technology like broadband Internet and simple programming languages have made creating custom software a reality for literally EVERYONE.

You’d be surprised to know who is making money selling software! And you can too when you find out that…

  • Bill Gates isn’t the only one making megabucks from software!
  • Tens of thousands of new software products are released each year by developers who are making lots of money doing it!
  • Anyone can create software if they can use their imagination just a little bit.

One thing is certain… Now is the perfect time in history to create custom software products (for cheap) that sell like crazy! Just look at the benefits of acting now…

  • Unlimited marketplace and thousands of hot niches just waiting for new software to be developed. Software is a billion-dollar industry!
  • Cheaper than ever before now that the Internet has eliminated the need for packaging, printing, and manuals (everything can be downloaded!)
  • You don’t have to know how to write code to create custom software. You can find programmers all over the world who will create software for your specific needs.

You could literally start your first custom software project tonight when you know how to get started. My guide will teach you how.


How To Create Software And Profit Like Mad!

If you think the only type of software out there has to do with word processing or web page building, you’re 100% wrong!

Software can be built for any number of thousands of hot, in-demand niches! (And I tell you the most popular ones inside my guide) The best part is – you can let your customers download every part of your finished product.

Keep no inventory. Print no manuals or packaging. Spend nothing on shipping costs.

Custom software in this day and age is cheaper than ever before! And in-demand! (where people go for software) gets millions of visitors on a regular basis. And I’ll tell you how you can (quickly) get your software listed there fast!

See How Easily You Can Create Custom Software For Hot Markets Even If You Have No Clue Where To Start!

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to create custom software. My report will teach you…

  • 10 hot niches that are just waiting for software to be created.
  • 7 types of software you could start creating today to fill a person’s everyday needs.
  • 5 types of software that businesses are always on the lookout for.
  • 5 questions you must answer before you get started (or else your project could end up a mess).
  • 20 programming languages that may (or may not be) perfect for your project. Learn how to choose which is best.
  • 6 reasons to find your programmer on the web.
  • 4 programmer hang-outs on the web where you should be searching for a top-notch coder.
  • 3 questions to ask yourself before hiring a programmer.
  • 5 things you and your programmer must agree on before the project is ever started (to make sure you’re both on the same page).
  • How to get your software product listed at – the largest downloading site on the net!
  • Tricks for selling your software.
  • 3 questions to ask yourself when planning support for your product.
  • 4 ways to limit how much support you’ll need to provide.
  • Picking a name for your brand (that sticks!)
  • The trick to using “Open Source” to cut your costs dramatically.

And that’s far from all!

Create Software Like Bill Gates!

My report, “The Newbies Guide To Making Software” will have you busting out custom software like a microwave pops popcorn. The guide is instantly downloadable (you’ll have it in minutes from now) and the whole process is as painless as possible…

Here’s Your Chance To Start Creating Custom Software Faster Than You Can Say Bill Gates – And Risk-Free!

Purchase today to start looking inside my guide where I spill the beans on creating hot-selling software products. Then you can decide for yourself if this business is for you.

Now that you can get started building custom software for next to nothing, you’re ready to jump and click the button below now.

But I want to make sure you feel like your decision is risk-free. If after getting my guide you ever feel like it wasn’t what you were looking for. Or it didn’t live up to your expectations…

…just write me a small personal email saying so. Don’t feel the need to write a long letter explaining why and don’t feel like you need to apologize. I’m not going to ask any questions – I’ll just make sure your investment is returned ASAP.

That and we’ll part as friends. How does that sound to you?

If you don’t start profiting from custom software now, you’ll hate yourself later.

Billions are literally being made off of software right now and the market is wide open. It’s time to demand your piece of the pie!

You’ve made your decision. Click the button below now to download my guide right away (you’ll have it in minutes).

Purchase today to get the best deal possible!


How Can You Use This MRR Ebook?

  • For Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing
  • Can be added to paid memberships
  • Reselling as a single product or within a bundle
  • Offer it as a Fast Action Bonus for your own Products


What Can You Do With This Information MRR Ebook?

  • Learning from the Information
  • Use the information you’ve learned to write articles from scratch
  • Use the information to grow your business.
  • Market the Ebook to teach others and keep all profits!



The Newbies Guide To Making Software MRR Ebook

The Newbies Guide To Making Software MRR Ebook - Featured Image

What You’ll Get with this MRR Ebook

  1. The Newbies Guide To Making Software MRR Ebook
  2. Your Very Own Reseller Package
  3. Master Resale Rights License


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[YES] Can be sold
[YES] Can be used for personal use
[YES] Can be packaged with other products
[YES] Can modify/change the sales letter
[YES] Can be added into paid membership websites
[YES] Can put your name on the sales letter
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
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[YES] Can print/publish offline
[YES] Can convey and sell Personal Use Rights
[YES] Can convey and sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can convey and sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can modify/change the main product
Can modify/change the graphics and eCover
Can be given away for free
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Can convey and sell Private Label Rights

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