Creating Perfect Affiliate Bonus Packages MRR Ebook


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Creating Perfect Affiliate Bonus Packages MRR Ebook

An Information packed Master Resale Rights Ebook on Creating affiliate bonuses

Right at this very moment, there are thousands of affiliate marketers, both new and experienced who are all marketing the same products and trying to make a decent income.

This mass of people are all trying to do the same thing – build a business empire by selling someone else’s product or service.

What does it mean to be an affiliate marketer?

It can mean hours and hours of hard work for very little return if you are not a strategic seller. Advanced marketers know how rough it can be to make even a minimal sum per month from affiliate sales.

The job of an affiliate marketer itself can be simply defined as an individual who has chosen to sell other people’s products or services in return for a commission for every successful sale.

In fact, the majority of affiliate marketers just make a bit of money here and there.

They have no business maintenance plan in mind.

Their links decay and become broken.

They don’t do any testing or market research to find out if the product or service is oversold.

In the end, these beginning affiliate marketers don’t make much money, just a little bit of cash here and there.

Do You Want to Be More Than Just a Dabbler in Affiliate Marketing and Make Some Real Money?
In general, the affiliate marketing business is very competitive.

The problem is that you are basically attempting to generate sales commissions by promoting and marketing the identical products or services that are being promoted and created by other people and some of these publishers of these books are ALSO in competition with you.

Furthermore, although you don’t necessarily need a website to promote your products most of your rivals will have one, as well as other gimmicks and online tools that put them way ahead of the game when it comes to being a good persuasive seller.

At this point, you might be asking yourself – “What’s the point of becoming an affiliate marketer at all? How do I get the edge?”

To get the edge on your competitors you need to capitalize on the fact that the majority of these people are all going to be pushing the same product or service in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.

Your challenge is to do something different when you go about marketing the same product or service. If you can do this then your chances of making a great deal of money are substantially increased.

In Creating Perfect Affiliate Bonus Packages, I focus on the two main ways that you can differentiate yourself from the crowd.

First of all, I show you exactly how to construct an affiliate business using techniques that 99% of your competition has never heard of, using step-by-step instructions and screenshots taken from my own experience as a successful affiliate marketer.

Secondly, I will show you how to create irresistible bonus packages that will scoop that sale right out of your competitor’s clutches!

In my mind that is what the perfect affiliate bonus package is all about – making your customers feel like they are getting the deal of the century!

If you have a great affiliate bonus your customers will feel compelled to buy from you because they are getting so much free and useful stuff!

However perhaps I am getting ahead of myself here, especially if you are a beginning affiliate marketer.

As I was once a newbie marketer myself it was important for me to write an easy-to-understand step-by-step guide that was explanatory about how to start an affiliate business from scratch.

That is because when I was starting out as an affiliate marketer, I always felt that I was about to ask a “stupid question.”

My lack of information about the basics of the business cost me a pretty penny in the long run. I wished I had done my homework about business in the first place! It would have saved me a lot of time and trouble and I would be a lot richer than I am today!


How Can You Use This MRR Ebook?

  • For Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing
  • Can be added to paid memberships
  • Reselling as a single product or within a bundle
  • Offer it as a Fast Action Bonus for your own Products


What Can You Do With This Information MRR Ebook?

  • Learning from the Information
  • Use the information you’ve learned to write articles from scratch
  • Use the information to grow your business.
  • Market the Ebook to teach others and keep all profits!



Creating Perfect Affiliate Bonus Packages MRR Ebook

Creating Perfect Affiliate Bonus Packages MRR Ebook - Featured Image

What You’ll Get with this MRR Ebook

  1. The Creating Perfect Affiliate Bonus Packages MRR Ebook
  2. Your Very Own Reseller Package
  3. Master Resale Rights License


License Details:

[YES] Can be sold
[YES] Can be used for personal use
[YES] Can be packaged with other products
[YES] Can modify/change the sales letter
[YES] Can be added into paid membership websites
[YES] Can put your name on the sales letter
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can be used to build a list
[YES] Can print/publish offline
[YES] Can convey and sell Personal Use Rights
[YES] Can convey and sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can convey and sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can modify/change the main product
Can modify/change the graphics and eCover
Can be given away for free
Can be added to free membership websites
Can convey and sell Private Label Rights

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